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amateur lens grinding machines

Constructing grinding and polishing machines - NASA/ADS

. construction and use of grinding and polishing machines suitable for amateur use are discussed. Introduction Mirror or lens grinding by hand can be a labour.

A history of polishing machines - Astrosurf

Drawing by Huygens representing his lens polishing machine (1683) . and an amateur astronomer, launched in 1843 the making of a 183cm bronze mirror for.

Astro-Tel - Mirror grinding machine

I made my first mirror grinding and polishing machine over thirty years ago. It used the working principle of the machine illustrated at "A" Fig.3, Page 163, "Amateur.

Is it possible for a hobbyist to create a lens element .

Rustle up specific software recommendations on the amateur telescope making . Polishing a lens - Yes again, as at this point it's the same as polishing a mirror.

One Small Step For Magnification, One Giant Leap For Home .

12 Jul 2014 . Optic Lens Manufactured at Home using CNC Milling Machine . The milling process did not leave a clear finish and required a lot of polishing. . Amateur astronomers have been making lenses themselves for centuries.

Lenses - Engineering and Technology History Wiki

15 Oct 2015 . Lens grinding machine, circa 1836. 17th century lens grinding lathe . In other cases, a method still used by amateurs to polish telescope.

Mirror Grinding Machine » Leonardo Da Vinci's Inventions

The mirror or lens grinding machine is a masterpiece of mechanical engineering. . Devices like these are still used nowadays by amateur telescope/optical.

Newport Glass Works, LTD. Grinding, Polishing and Figuring .

For many years, amateur astronomers and telescope makers thought it . If you plan on working your mirror by machine, you'll run into problems that will.

Stellafane Links Page

1 Oct 2019 . Amateur Telescope Making . Mirror Grinding; Grinding Tools; Grinding Machines; Mirror Polishing; Pitch Laps; Aluminizing. Optical Testing &.

Lens Making for Scientific Instrumentation in the . - OSA

With this lathe—as with all other lens grinding machines—the accuracy of the final . much sought by the scientific practitioners and wealthy amateurs of his day.


. I thought that achieving different type of lenses was not feasible for an amateur and would only be possible using highly sophisticated modern machinery.

Mirror Grinding - - WOS - Wenk Observatory Solutions

making a 14" parabolic mirror. . Making a grinding- and polishing machine will reduce the invested time and costs per mirror visibly in future. . Is it possible to detect such microscopic deviations from the ideal curve as an amateur? Yes, it is.

Amateur Telescope Making edited by Albert G. Ingalls

These books are a rearrangement of the original three-volume Amateur Telescope Making classics. . Volume 3, Subjects covered: Optical Production Methods and Machinery; . A.4.12 A Last Word to Beginners on Insufficient Grinding 107

Are Diamonds an ATM's Best Friend? - ATM optical coating

Many amateurs make grinding and polishing machines and these can work for generating as well. To generate a concave curve on a grinding machine the mirror.

53 Best Telescope Mirror Making images | Telescope, Diy .

Amateur Telescope Making Guide - The Space Cosmos, Diy Telescope, Diy Tripod, . Rough Grinding a Quartz Telescope Mirror on the Fixed-Post Machine Diy.

Large Thin Mirror Making - Mel Bartels

Amateurs have made mirrors up to 41" by hand. A grinding machine relieves the labor, but is not necessary.

Rainer's Machine by Rainer Jakob - ScopeX

Mirror Grinding and Polishing Machine - by Rainer Jakob - 22 Janury 2012. Having made two 150mm f/8 and one 150mm f/24 mirrors and being busy with.

Spinoza's Lathe - Practical Machinist

5 Jul 2008 . I have seen amateurs grinding lenses for telescopes entirely by hand using two glass disks and abrasive powders. No machine was required.

Amateur telescope making - Wikipedia

Amateur telescope making is the activity of building telescopes as a hobby, as opposed to . Grinding a mirror using an abrasive and a smaller tool over 300 mm mirror ("ATM Korenica 2006", in Korenica, Croatia) . The equipment most amateurs use to test the shape of the mirrors, a Foucault knife-edge test, is, like the tools.


grinding, a workbench, electric plate and additional lockers. In the fine-grind ing room: a grinding machine, four pol ishing spindles and a large bench for mirror.

Mirror grinding | Hacker News

10 Mar 2017 . For the un-initiated, outside of grinding lenses: grit 3000 is . who make extra cash by producing astronomical equipment for other amateurs.

amateur telescope making - Handprint

27 Feb 2014 . In today's retail markets the amateur astronomer can choose from a wealth of . decades ago many amateur astronomers had to grind their own mirror or lens . in magazines by optical companies and machine manufacturers.

Amateur Telescope Making – Amateur Astronomers .

Today's large thin mirrors present their own problems with grinding and polishing. . This started with the improvements in telescope design and mirror making . A machine can easily cause astigmatism and other problems simply because.

How telescope is made - material, manufacture, making .

An optical telescope which uses lenses is known as a refracting telescope or a . This is necessary so that the grinding machine can grind them all in the same way. . Amateur astronomers will soon be able to obtain telescopes with built-in.

John Pierce's HobbyGraph Articles. - Bob May's Astronomy Site.

1 shows a lens grinder, suitable for the amateur for making lenses up to 1" diameter. It is also . Formed laps may be cut directly on the machine with a hand tool.

Stellafane ATM:Mirror Making Myths

Most professional and some amateurs do use machines, but these are simple, rotating spindles to supply the energy for grinding from a motor and not your.

Prism and Lens Making, Second Edition (Series in Optics and .

Prism and Lens Making: A Textbook for Optical Glassworkers, Second Edition is . constantly strove to improve the techniques of optical grinding and polishing.

Items for Telescope Lens Lapping and Polishing .

Many of the products needed to grind, lap and polish precision glass lens elements by amateur telescope makers can be found at Advanced Abrasives.

Telescope Mirror Blanks for the Astronomical Industry - United .

United Lens Company supports both the professional and amateur . with the accuracy of telescopes, imaging equipment, and other optical devices used in the.

United Lens - Waite Research

United Lens, supplies custom-molded borosilicate mirror blanks. . 50 pounds per box) down to the storage area to await their turn on the grinding machine.

15" F4.5 Telescope Mirror - Waite Research

Rough polishing was a high-speed process using a fixed-post polishing machine. The step is performed to rapidly remove the pits left over after fine grinding. The.

Spherometers reveal how round is round | National Museum .

6 Jul 2015 . 19th century lens grinding machine. . use, many amateur astronomers still grind their own lenses and use spherometers in the process.

Making the 20 inch Conical Mirror | Pierre Lemay

The grinding machine has three spindles. The right spindle is the one on which the mirror is mounted. It spins at approximately 2 RPM. The central spindle controls.

Large Homemade Telescope Making Project - Google Sites

I read several telescope and mirror making books and visited many amateur . I did not have the time or equipment to figure/test the mirror to a parabola. . During the final stages of fine grinding I was using 1500 grit paper that left the edges so.

Wooden Telescope Part 1: the Mirror : 14 Steps (with Pictures .

Wooden Telescope Part 1: the Mirror: This is the first of a 2 part Instructable explaining . However, you will see that this quality is most of the time best achieved by hand rather than machine polishing. . Mel Bartels' Amateur Telescope Making.

Grinding to Size. - University of Michigan

I've always shied away from making refractor lenses, because the thickness . Ideally, when machine polishing with the optics on top, the lap should be 6/5 the.

Telescope Making Links - Designs and Techniques | STAR .

Amateur Telescope Maker's (ATM) Archives . Astronomy, telescope making ,mirror grinding and testing . Tom Waineo's Desktop Grinding/Polishing Machine

telescopes and the popularization of astronomy in the .

1. Introduction. 2. Amateur telescope making in the early 20th Century . 1. Introduction. 2. Instruments of war: the military applications of optical equipment . 9 – The basic motions involved in lens and mirror grinding and polishing. Two discs.

Build your own telescope part 1: The mirror – Thomas Jacquin .

12 Nov 2014 . However, most of the amateur telescope makers (ATMs) who decide to build . higher surface quality than the mirrors polished by industrial machines. . The theory behind grinding is that you can remove glass as long as you.

21 Best telescope making images | Telescope, Diy telescope .

Amateur Telescope Making Guide - The Space Cosmos, Diy Telescope, Diy Tripod, . Rough Grinding a Quartz Telescope Mirror on the Fixed-Post Machine Diy.

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